Welcome to your online resource area. Here you’ll find quick
links to the resources that you use to help make your
departments sing, “HEE-HEE!”


Calendar Request

Book a Lobby/Meeting Space, Schedule Handouts, or Add An Event to Calendar.

Creative Request

Use this form to create a graphic, produce a video, update a website, book a photographer, etc.

Maintenance Request

Use this form to notify the Facilities director of a repair or upcoming project.


Vehicle Request

Use this form to check out a church vehicle. Please note to always return with a full tank.

Childcare Request

Childcare request for upcoming events, please give at least 2 weeks advance notice

Purchase Request

Please allow 1-2 business
days for order review
and approval period


Shamone Request

Use this form to:
Shamone!, HEE-HEE, and *moonwalk*



Resource Library

This is a growing list of the tools, trainings, and things we have used to sharpen our leadership. Feel free to reuse any of this with your dream team.